Keith Nathan Stats:

Name: Keith Nathan
Nickname: Pele
Sport: Thai Boxing
From: Manchester UK
Weight: 70 - 71 Kg
Experience 30 Years


  • ITBF World Champion

  • WKA World Champion

  • WAKO Pro World Champion

  • Undefeated British Champion

  • Several Other British, Area & National Titles

Wins 47 Draws 0 Losses 6

Qualified Referee & Judge:
Thaiboxing & Kickboxing

The following World, European and British Champions have been trained by Pele:
Frankie Hudders, Kevin Harper, Warren Brown, Ashley Guishard, Mary Hart, Lisa Howarth, Jonny Roye, Trisha McKeary, Gavin Sterritt, Steve Holt, The Riley Twins, Charlotte Thompkinson, Amy Thompkinson, Rebecca Maxwell, Pete Dwan, Richard Jones, Steven Jones, Richard Weston, Ewart Liburd, Leroy Atkinson, Morris Riley, Glen Skellhorn

Ronnie Green, Pele's friend, got him into Thaiboxing. He used to play a lot of football, he was football mad, that’s where he got his nickname 'Pele'. He actually did a trial for Manchester City. He was always getting injured and being kicked and bruised. Ronnie said, ‘look at me I’m fighting in the ring and I’m not getting as injured as you are’ Why don’t you come and train with me in Muay Thai. This was at Master Toddy’s gym in Manchester. At first he actually went to the gym to teach Judo because he did a lot of Judo at the time, but Judo went out of the window when Pele fell in love with Thai boxing. When he first saw it he loved it.

Pele has had a long and prestigious career originally trained by Master Toddy in Manchester, he then went on to train with Master Chana in Preston. Early in his career Pele met dutch stars Andre Brillerman, Fred Royers and Orlando Weit, Then Thailands Fanta and Sitisat, Pele's fist major title success was in 1991 when he challenged for the IMF (International Muay Thai Federation) World Title. He faced Thailands Kitisak under full muay thai rules which allows kness and elbows to the head. The match was staged in London and was broadcast live to Thailand by Thai TV and later aired on Sky Sports. Pele defended kitisak by a unnanimus points decision to win the championship belt. In 1994 pele was invited to Moscow in Russia to challenge Russian Hardman Valery kulubaba for the WKA World Thaiboxing title. In front of 15,000 spectators at the Moscow Olympic Stadium Pele battered Kulubala stopping him in the third round. The fight was broadcast bu Russian national TV to an audience of millions. later the Russian promoters called pele a bone-crushing machine and added "We won't be inviting him back to Moscow".

After his third world title he decided to stop. He already had a club running at Sale West Thai-boxing club (in Cheshire) whilst he was still fighting and ran it for fifteen years, it was a very successful club and produced a lot of champions

The name Beastmaster came from one of his students from Leeds. He used to get lots and lots of people knocking on the gym door asking him to train them. They’d been training in Thai-boxing elsewhere and wanted Pele to polish them up and finish them off, then he would turn them out as better fighters who even if they got beat, always looked good, they were defeated in style, no tempers and no tantrums, so hence the name ‘Beastmaster’. 6 years ago Pele decided to go full-time with it, before then it had only been part-time, He decided to be a full-time martial arts instructor. He got a New place in Altrincham, (in Cheshire) opened up there, and called the gym ‘Beastmaster Gym’ from the nick-name that had been given to him. He had a new gym with a new name in a new town, Pele looked upon it as a blank sheet of paper to start again doing it my way, in my style.”

Pele has trained many fighters who have go on to become champions in their own right, One of his first would be Mary Hart she became the world W.P.K.L. Thai-boxing champion, that’s World Professional Kickboxing League. She’s still fighting, she has a W.K.A. European title now as well. Amy Tomkinson has been with Pele since she was six years old, she’s now fourteen and has thirteen championship belts so far, nearly a decade down the line she still has the hunger for it. Warren Brown was already a world champion when he came to Pele's gym, but recognised that Pele's skills could improve him further, that says a lot for his character. He came to Pele's as a W.A.K.O. Pro World Champion and he’s achieved another World title since joining me.
Pele's also trained Frankie Udders, who’s recently won an I.S.K.A. World title, Also Kevin Harper who won the W.K.A. World title. Rebecca Maxwell, she won a junior world title at a young age which she kept, she’s never been beaten, she’s nearly sixteen now. Then there’s Gavin Sterritt who’s a European champion and also Patricia McCarey who is the British and Commonwealth champion, in Kickboxing and Thaiboxing